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Be in Health™ requests that all users read and review the following statement so that we may work together to achieve an environment of learning and support for one another.

As we’ve shared our cutting edge medical research with pertinent spiritual insights, many, many have grown in their understanding of the Scriptures and when applied to their life, have experienced countless healings, often documented by their doctors. We at Be in Health™ are pleased to serve as a link to bring the information needed to those who need it and want it.

By doing so, we become vulnerable to those who choose to take advantage of what we offer and use it for personal gain or attempt to manipulate our service oriented staff. For those very few who threaten this opportunity we offer to our friends, we must clearly state the following:

As a condition of participation in and affiliated web sites,
  • Be in Health™ reserves the right to remove certain postings that are divisionary or contrary to our common goals
  • Users must adhere to basic standards of civility and propriety in order to be allowed to access our data, insights and our bulletin board.
  • Failure to adhere to basic standards of civility and propriety will result in users being suspended and/or terminated from all access, pending review.
  • Be in Health™ reserves the right to include or exclude individuals or organizations regardless of membership status.
  • Be In Health, Inc. has exclusive, unconditional jurisdiction over its intellectual property and its decision to grant access or deny access.
  • Use of our intellectual property is conditioned upon respect, courtesy and proper use by Associates at all times in order to maintain a credible spiritual presence globally.
  • Be in Health™ does not diagnose any condition.
  • Be in Health™ does not counsel
  • Be in Health does not give advice. We outline certain insights and we outline some practical examples.
  • Please review the preamble in A More Excellent Way to understand our position in this.
  • Be In Health Inc. is not responsible for the physical or mental health of any 7000 Project Associate™. You are responsible for your own physical and mental health.
  • Be in Health™ strongly urges every person to seek out suitable counsel, advice and direction from your pastor, counselor, doctor and mental health professional.
  • The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly.
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